FAQs for YYC Winter Sockstice Festival

by Robyn Hicks March 09, 2023

FAQs for YYC Winter Sockstice Festival

What is a Winter Sockstice?
A time of the year, happening on or around  the Winter Solstice, where knitters and crocheters celebrate the handmade sock to showcase their creativity and personality.  The opening night for this year's YYC Winter Sockstice Festival will be 21st June 2024. See the entry form for categories.
What is the definition of handmade socks for the Festival?
The socks must come in a pair and fit a human foot, eg, a baby bootee will not be accepted but baby socks will.  They cannot be slippers nor can they be a Christmas stocking size.  

Can I use acrylic?
No, the purpose of a sock is to be insulating and provide warmth and breathability.  100% acrylic does not lend itself to this. However, you can use wool, wool blends, cotton blends or 100% natural fibres. 

Can I use a machine to knit my socks?
Yes, a hand cranked or automated knitting machine can be used. After all, they are still handmade but please advise this on your entry.  

What is a Back Story?
The back story of your socks will give the judges and the viewers more information about your handmade items.  For example, the wool may have been given to you by your grandmother and has a special meaning to you.  There might be a funny story behind the design of your socks or these may just be the very first pair of socks you have knitted or crocheted.  

Who decides the winners in each category?
YYC has asked a couple of extremely crafty regional women to be their judges for the festival:
Kylie from @indigoandquince will be judging the best socks
in each of the six categories.  
Wendy from @thenextstitch will select the entry which she thinks
is the best from all the categories for the "Packer's Prize"  
There will also be a People's Choice award on the opening night of 21st June 2024

Robyn Hicks
Robyn Hicks


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